Things You Should Know about a Dental Implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a method for guaranteeing those sound teeth remain solid by living only them while as yet giving an establishment in your jawbone to help whatever dental prosthesis you are joining and hold it immovably set up. So what is a dental implant? As told by the Academy of General Dentistry, a dental […]

Dentistry For Children: Points to Remember for Sedation

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Not each child needs sedation Sedation is successful for a healthy child who had unsuccessful dental treatment in the past because of tension or fear. It also is indicated for children who are unable to cooperate for treatment because they are either too young or have special needs. Furthermore, if your child has particularly extensive […]

Keeping the Mouth Healthy – Tips for Kids

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The biggest mistake made by parents is that they wait too long before they teach their children about oral health and hygiene. Because their kid does not have teeth, these parents think, “There is no point,” when in reality, oral hygiene is something that should be taught to the child when he or she begins […]

Dental Implants Advantages

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No matter how many new medical treatments come from dental care, many people in the world –prematurely- lose teeth. Dentists say the main reason for this is tooth decay, gum diseases or physical injuries. Although over the past few years, people have resorted to alternatives like bridges and dentures to replace their teeth, they have […]

Here’s Why You Need a Family Dentist

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While you’ll find many dentists that specialize in a particular area of treatment, a family dentist is someone who serves people of all ages for all types of dental problems. Even if you’re the most organized person in the world, the unique needs, interests, and activities of each of your family members can overwhelm you […]

How to Improve Your Gum Health with Little Effort

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For most people when it comes to oral health, all they think about is how white their teeth should be. Most don’t really think about keeping their gums healthy – which can be the basis of several gum related diseases and complications, for example, gingivitis. To steer clear of halitosis (bad breath), it is vital […]

Waterpiks vs. Flossing: Which is Better?

We’re sure you are familiar with the recommended dental care routine, i.e. brushing twice a day and flossing once. Most of us manage to brush twice? But how many of us take out time floss regularly? Now that’s an entirely different story. What if you are told that Waterpiks are an alternative to dental floss […]

Is Fluoride Harmful To Your Children?

There is a conversation about the potential benefits/dangers of fluoride on the overall health of children. Excess use of anything might be dangerous. It is a given that fluoride is an important component of maintaining proper dental health. However, there are benefits as well as dangers of using fluoride. Fluoride is important for a child’s […]

How Dentists Fix Broken/Chipped Teeth

Chipped Tooth is a condition when you chipped/broke your teeth by falling on concrete or chewing on some hard candy. While teeth are extraordinarily strong, they can fracture or break due to excess stress. While a minor fracture might not hurt, the nerves inside the tooth may be susceptible to damage if a large piece […]

Understanding the Difference between Night Guards and Mouth Guards

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Bruxism is common teeth grinding and clenching problem. To prevent this habit from damaging the teeth, dentists usually recommend a dental night guard or a dental mouth guard against their patients. But what is the difference between a dental night guard and a dental mouth guard? Can they serve the same purpose? Can they be […]