Dental Cleaning And Prevention

Dental Cleaning And Prevention, Lesueur MN

Dental Cleaning and Prevention by LeSueur Family Dental

Dental cleaning & prevention is the easiest way to handle dental health. If a preventive program is undertaken and practiced regularly, future needs for involved dental treatments can be reduced or avoided entirely.

A preventive program is a cooperative effort between you and your dentist to preserve your natural dentition—that is, the natural arrangement and healthy condition of your teeth.

We help you to maintain this natural dentition by preventing the onset of dental diseases and conditions, or by stopping their progress if they’ve already begun.


Preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet. It is continued in the dental office, where your dentist and dental hygienist work with you to promote and restore your oral health.

Prevention also includes regular dental exams, dental cleanings, and x-rays, so that any latent oral disease or issue can be handled. Sealants and fluoride are also preventive treatments that can help protect the teeth.

A preventive program can help you avoid serious and costly dental issues and is the key to having a healthy, beautiful smile.

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