The biggest mistake made by parents is that they wait too long before they teach their children about oral health and hygiene. Because their kid does not have teeth, these parents think, “There is no point,” when in reality, oral hygiene is something that should be taught to the child when he or she begins understanding commands. Moreover, parents should take their children to dentists early on so they know that dentists are nice people and they are there to help them.

However, if you feel that you are too late, the following oral tips will help you get your child on the right –oral health- path again.

For further queries, you can consult your family dentist.

Begin by talking about oral hygiene habits

The sooner you talk to your child about oral health, the more they will understand. You must make sure you are walking your child through the steps of brushing teeth, but you must never put harsh bristles on their immature gums. Start by wetting a washcloth and gently rub their gums so they know what is going on.

Brushing carefully

Make sure you tell your child to brush his or her teeth with a soft hand. The reason for this is that if he or she begin to brush fast and with a hard hand, he or she can ruin their gums. Dentists that have specialized in dentistry for children say the best type of brush for a kid is something that is soft bristled.

Be the teacher

When your child turns three, you must show them the right way to brush their teeth with a small dollop of fluoridated toothpaste. When the child has done this once, your job is to make sure he or she does it every night. When your child turns six, he or she will start brushing his or her own teeth, but you need to keep a check. Children are always in a hurry, so you must make sure that your child is doing it slowly.

Check the water

You must have a fluoridated water supply at your house. You must talk to your dentist or family dentist about fluoridated water and its benefits.

Fighting against tooth decay

When your child is going to sleep, he or she must be brushing their teeth so his or her teeth can get rid of all the plaque. If immature teeth are exposed to sugary foods for extended period, the intensity and risk of tooth decay increases.

Dentist visits

You must take your child to a dentist or your family dentist (the dentist must be specialized in dentistry for children) regularly. Moreover, you need to practice

oral health at home as well so your child knows that it is important.

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