Reveal Teeth Aligners

If you’re someone who’s always dreamt of having straighter teeth without the hassle or the unsightly appearance of braces – get the smile you’ve always wanted with Reveal Clear aligners at Le Sueur Family Dental.

Clear aligners from Reveal are a simple yet effective solution for correcting the alignment of your teeth. Also, they’re simple, discreet, easy to wear, and hardly noticeable.

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Benefits of Reveal Clear Aligners:

Reveal Clear Aligners are a suitable and low-cost solution for straighter teeth. They are virtually invisible and remain clear throughout treatment. As an added benefit, there is no staining or yellowing with these aligners.

Most aligner systems require attachments glued to your teeth, and as expected, sometimes attachments can be an aggravation. Dentists need a lot of time to place them on your teeth, and some patients believe they don’t look good as well.

But, Reveal Clear Aligners eliminate the need for attachments; in fact, this is why they were designed in the first place. Reveal uses best-in-class materials and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process resulting in a secure fit to hug your teeth and tooth movement without any attachments.

More benefits of Reveal Teeth Aligners:

1. They offer the clearest solution:

Reveal aligners have ClearWear™ material; that’s why they don’t cloud or stain during your treatment, keeping your smile clear and your aligners a secret.

2. Clear aligners are Strong and comfortable:

The proprietary ClearWear™ material in these aligners also allows you to have an exact fit for a comfortable treatment.

3. They’re suitable for both teens & adults:

Reveal treatment solutions available at Le Sueur Family Dental are for adults and teens needing tooth movement.

4. World-Class Minimal touch orthodontics:

With no braces or wires to place, these teeth aligners minimize contact between doctors and patients. This is a key health consideration in this era of COVID-19.

Why Should You Opt for Reveal Clear Aligners?

These teeth aligners will help you get your teeth alignment problems treated permanently and without any drawbacks. Reveal Clear Aligners are perfect for:

1. Getting Yourself a Straighter Smile:

You’re a great candidate if you have uneven smiles due to their gapped, crooked, or misaligned teeth. Clear aligner trays fit precisely over your teeth and help to reposition your teeth.

2. If You Require an Alternative to Braces:

Clear Aligners are way better than traditional braces, as traditional ones are noticeable and cannot be removed until the treatment ends. People also find it difficult to maintain their oral health with braces.

Reveal Clear Aligners has no such drawbacks, as they’re unnoticeable, easy to remove, and can be customized. Patients who use them don’t have to deal with any unwanted issues or discomfort that braces may cause.

3. People Who Need Mild or Moderate Orthodontic Work:

Reveal Clear aligners correct mild or moderate orthodontic problems such as a mild or moderate open bite or overbite, mildly or moderately crooked or crowded teeth, and mild to moderate overjet.

Reveal Clear Aligners Can Treat Many Problems

With Reveal Teeth aligners, our dentists can treat various misaligned bites, improve your teeth, and straighten them if needed.
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite

After a thorough check-up, Dr. TyCast will advise you whether Reveal™ Clear Aligners are right for you. Reveal Clear Aligners is always a better option in case of mild to moderate misalignments.

You deserve the smile you’ve always wanted, so schedule a consultation with Le Sueur Family Dental today to find out if Reveal Clear Aligners should be used in your case.

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