There is a conversation about the potential benefits/dangers of fluoride on the overall health of children. Excess use of anything might be dangerous. It is a given that fluoride is an important component of maintaining proper dental health. However, there are benefits as well as dangers of using fluoride.

Fluoride is important for a child’s dental health. Mostly, the water you use every day contains Fluoride. It helps in preventing tooth decay. If the water does not contain fluoride, it is recommended to fulfill these needs by approaching the dentist for prescriptions.

For a child to have a healthy mouth, it is advised to make them use fluoride toothpaste between the ages from 6 months to 16 years. However, it is important to calculate the amount of fluoride given. This may be done by not giving the child fluoride supplements if the water they use contains Fluoride.Dental Fluoride  Family Dentist Le Sueur, MN  Le Sueur Family Dental



Too much Fluoride might create chalky white spots on the teeth of the children, leading to other teeth problems. Having weak bones and loss of weight are also resultants of using high amounts of Fluoride. Studies have suggested there is a risk of cancer and hip fractures if excessive levels of fluoride are present in the body.

The bottom line is that Fluoride plays an important role in good dental health for children. It plays a vital role in making the teeth strong and prevents diseases. This is the reason why dentists recommend parents to make their children use fluoride toothpaste from a young age. Therefore, fluoride is equally important for your teeth as food and water are for you. It would be better if care were taken at a young age to have a stress free life ahead. As a parent, it is your responsibility to talk to your dentist about giving fluoride-based dental care products to your children.