For most people when it comes to oral health, all they think about is how white their teeth should be. Most don’t really think about keeping their gums healthy – which can be the basis of several gum related diseases and complications, for example, gingivitis.

To steer clear of halitosis (bad breath), it is vital that you keep your schedule an appointment with your dentist and have your gums looked at. If you see that your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, don’t take it lightly.

Here are a few easy ways you can use to keep your gums healthy:


Floss daily to remove plaque and sticky bacteria from your mouth that your toothbrush cannot reach.  Gently slide the floss up and down between your teeth and repeat the process for each tooth. It is an easy and economical way to get rid of many gum related problems.



Brushing your teeth after every meal is very important. This helps remove the sticky plaque and bacteria that is trapped between your teeth and gums. Use a soft and adequately sized toothbrush you can comfortably brush with. Also, ask your dentist to recommend the best toothpaste to help you’re your oral condition from worsening.

Mouth Wash

Mouthwashes are a quick and easy way to help reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis. Though it is not a better substitute for flossing or brushing, it still rinses out all the food particles in your mouth and gives you fresh breath all day.


Quit Smoking

Smoking is strongly associated with many gum related diseases. It weakens your immune system and prevents it from fighting gum infections. This a pretty good reason to quit smoking if you want to keep your gums healthy and your breath fresh every day.