To achieve a healthy and, beautiful smile, many of us need to explore various dental treatments. Be it aesthetic like tooth whitening, or use of orthodontic appliance such as correction, teeth straightening with braces, etc. So, if you were searching braces near me, this article will be of great help to you. Despite the proven success, orthodontics still raises many questions especially for those who intend to use it. Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide for you to answer your questions. And, to understand a little more about the subject and, about the relationship between the dental plan, and orthodontics.

Braces Near Me : What Exactly Do You Need To Know Before Searching?

What does orthodontics mean?

It is important for you to understand what orthodontics is, and what type of dentist can perform the specialized procedures. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that takes care of the correction of maxillary bones. And, the disposition of the teeth if present, some deformation or, inadequate position. This type of treatment is done by a specialist, known as an orthodontist. In addition to providing a more beautiful and, aligned smile, orthodontics also helps keep your mouth healthier. This is because crooked or, misaligned teeth make cleaning difficult. Another benefit for anyone looking for dental correction treatment is an improvement in speech,  and swallowing problems.

What are the types of apparatus?

Orthodontic appliances can be fixed or moveable. See options and variations for each type:

Common – Formed by bands that are fixed around the teeth. It functions as a connection to the apparatus. And by brackets that are on the outside of the tooth.

Fixed special – They are options for those who habitually suck their fingers. This type of apparatus is attached to the teeth by bands.

Fixed space maintainer – It is mostly used in case of children who lose the milk tooth in an early and, unnatural way. This can impair the formation of new teeth and obstruct the growth of others. It is not an easy adjustment for most people. The orthodontic appliance causes discomfort at the time and days after placement.


How does the treatment happen?

After medical evaluation by means of clinical examination, x-rays, and photographs, there is the assembly of the plaster cast. It will map the shape of your teeth and dental arch. After that, the orthodontist will indicate if your case needs a fixed or mobile device. After defining the type of appliance, the appliance is placed and the treatment is started. This is what you should know before searching for information regarding braces near me: The procedure begins with the correction of the position of the teeth, also called alignment and leveling. Then the bite-fit and, occlusion phase begins, which may also involve other accessories such as elastics and, adjustment springs. Finally, the aesthetic correction. It will set delicately and assertively with your face type and tooth shape, its ideal bite. After these steps, it is time to keep the result and finish the job. For this type of maintenance, the dentist installs a fixture in the lower arch and another in the upper arch. This procedure is also known as contention.