Having someone work closely inside your mouth can be quite uncomfortable for many, not to mention the added weird sounds and the scary looking equipment. If you have been fretting about how your upcoming routine dental checkup is going to go, let us help you guide through all the possibilities. After all, knowing something beforehand makes it a lot less scary.


Prior to mouth digging, your hygienist will require your previous medical history if this happens to be your first appointment. This will include any medications in current use, previous appointments or surgeries, any health changes like pregnancy or diabetes, and allergies, phobias, anxieties or concerns you may have.


Now that your health concerns are out of the way, it is time to give your mouth a cleaning. This will involve plaque removal, any polishing or smoothening of your teeth’s surface.


Now that your teeth are all polished and cleaned, it is time to examine any problem areas in your mouth, such as softening of dentin and tooth enamel, mouth sores, redness, or gum swelling. If any problem area is detected, it is further monitored and diagnosed.


Finally, your dentist will X-Ray your mouth to confirm the presence of any issues below the mouth’s surface.


This is different from the initial exam and requires a thorough assessment of the mouth using x-rays to determine factors, such as fractures, bone loss, teeth grinding, jaw alignment issues and oral cancer.


After the lengthy examination, you will be presented with the results where the dentist will explain everything that’s been going on in your mouth. You will also be advised on what to do next and may involve future dental schedules and appointments.

Keeping these points in mind, you will be better prepared to go through your next dental checkup.