Biting and chewing is the first and important steps to processing food from start to end. It involves the assistance of teeth, jaw joint, and other muscles, etc. These parts must work in a harmonizing manner to ensure proper functioning. Most people overlook the importance of biting and chewing the right way, eventually leading to muscle pain, jaw joint, bone and nerve problems and toothache.

The first step is to relax, and not eat in haste. Allow yourself plenty of time to thoroughly chew. The right way to bite is to start with a small piece. Smaller bites help you chew the food properly (until the food becomes liquid and loses its texture) and can be enjoyed for a long time. Once you are done chewing, swallow it gently. Another advantage of taking small bites is when you swallow the food properly, it doesn’t end up damaging the esophagus or choking you.

The right way to bite would be when all your teeth come into contact, all precisely at the same time along the long axis of the tooth. Foods such as jello and yogurt should be chewed and a bit in the same manner as solid foods to allow the saliva to break them down properly.

The benefits of small bites include weight loss. This is because when you eat unhurriedly, fewer calories are consumed. Since the food is properly chewed and broken down thoroughly, digestion becomes much faster and better. This is because the mouth takes over the stomach’s job to break food down and hence it can relax and digest food promptly. Another beneficial reason could be less stress. As silly it may sound, eating slowly while giving full attention to your food could act as a mindfulness exercise and reduce stress levels.

So, these are some ways you can bite right and enjoy a host of benefits.

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