Tea lovers out there, do you not want to let go of your daily caffeine boost but at the same are concerned about what it does to your teeth? Are stained, discolored teeth making you look bad, affecting your personality and smile? Here are some whitening tips that should help you bring back those pearly whites.

You should know the difference between removing teeth stains and whitening them. Caffeine, in any form, stains the teeth and before you jump into whitening them, it is crucial you get rid of the stains first. For that, you can not overlook the importance of a dentist’s visit. The doctor, with professional help and equipment, will make your teeth stain-free again, making the whitening process much easier and quicker.


To start, rinse your mouth every time after a tea break or better if you brush and floss. This will help remove the plaque that builds up between the teeth, staining the edges. When choosing paste, go with whitening toothpaste and complement it with an electronic toothbrush which helps clean off plaque and tartar better than a manual brush.


Go with the old-fashioned baking soda that acts a natural teeth whitener. Make a paste of baking soda with salt, and brush with it twice weekly. Apply coconut oil on your teeth with a clean cloth and leave it on. You could also put a spoonful of oil in your mouth and swish it around for 5 to 20 minutes, or simply add a few drops on your toothpaste before brushing. Clean your teeth with apple cider vinegar, orange peels, lemon juice or strawberries. This makes sense since the acid in these substances helps remove stains, act as a natural gum cleaner and fights off bacteria.


If nothing works for you, you could always turn to whitening strips, gels, rinses and in-office whitening products.

So, just because you love tea, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your teeth clean!