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Correct dental treatment starts before a baby’s first tooth grows in. Just because the teeth aren’t visible yet does not mean they aren’t there. At birth, your infant already has 20 primary teeth, some fully developed inside the jaw.

Working a moist washcloth over a baby’s gum tissue every day can help wipe away damaging bacteria. Moms and dads can clean children’s teeth as they show up in with a baby toothbrush, utilizing water with only a little bit of toothpaste until they get to age 2.

At around age 2, many children can spit while brushing their teeth. Make use of a pea-sized quantity of toothpaste, with guidance, until your child reaches age 5.

Even babies can develop tooth cavities if good eating practices aren’t used. Placing a child to sleep with a bottle might be convenient, but can hurt the baby’s teeth. If the sugars from fruit juice or milk continue to be on a baby’s teeth for many hours, they may eat away at the tooth enamel, generating a condition known as bottle mouth. Pocked, pitted, or tarnished front teeth are indications of bottle mouth.

Moms and dads and childcare suppliers should assist youthful children set particular times for drinking daily because constantly sucking on a bottle throughout the day can harmful to a child’s teeth.

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