Since the mouth is the gateway to the body, it makes sense it can affect your general health in various ways if not taken care of properly. Studies have found a strong link between poor dental health and major health problems. Here are some of the health hazards that poor oral health care/hygiene can contribute towards:


Cardiovascular Disease:

In short, this refers to heart disease. People with periodontitis (a gum disease that comes with signs, such as swelling and bleeding of gums) are highly likely to experience coronary artery problems in comparison to those who do not.

Furthermore, the bacteria from gum inflammation eventually enter your bloodstream, travel straight to the arteries and cause them to harden. This stiffening of the arteries produces plaque which clings to the inner walls of the arteries and thickens the blood. Thicker blood flows more slowly throughout the body, increasing the risk of stroke or heart attack.


Again, the bacteria from gum infection may travel through the bloodstream or nerve channels in the head and eventually enter the brain, which might result in the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Diabetic Complications:

Periodontal disease and gum inflammation make it difficult to manage blood sugar level and may make your diabetic symptoms even worse.

Respiratory Infections:

Gum disease is often the case of lung infections, including pneumonia, as claimed by the Journal of Periodontology. While the link may not be so clear at first, think about the consequences of continuously breathing in bacteria from diseased gums and teeth over time.

Affected Fertility:

Women with gum disease, who are of childbearing age, get pregnant, on average, after over seven months of trying, as compared to women without gum disease who take five months to conceive.

It is therefore important to practice proper oral health care/hygiene routine, eat the right foods and keep the body hydrated to avoid the risk of these serious health issues.