Not every drink that tastes good is beneficial for our teeth. Dentists recommend patients to avoid the consumption of certain beverages in excess as they can cause harmful effects or deteriorate the condition of our teeth and cause teeth yellowing. Here is a list of drinks that can cause teeth yellowing-

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Coffee and Tea

Anyone who wishes to have pearly white teeth must cut back on his coffee intake. Moreover, tea also stains your teeth so avoid drinking sweetened tea too much.

Sports Drinks

Energy drinks are packed with sugar and acidity. This means they attack tooth enamel and damage your teeth in the long run.


The amount of acid and sugar present in soda or carbonated drinks are sure to wreak havoc on your teeth.


While grapefruit and orange juice is good for your health, the acidity in the juice can permanently spoil your tooth enamel. However, don’t abandon them but restrict your juice intake during the day.


Alcohol may cause your mouth to become dry by reducing saliva production. This can negatively affect your overall dental health.

Stay Away from Dark Beverages

Not surprisingly, other dark beverages, such as dark sauces, red wine, colas, and various fruit juices, such as blueberries, pomegranates and grapes, can cause your teeth to become yellow. These items are high in pigment-producing substances or chromogens that are likely to stick to tooth enamel.

If you consume these sugary or acidic beverages, it is best you do these with a meal. Rinse your mouth using a good mouthwash and never go to sleep without brushing or flossing. Using a straw to drink concentrated juices is also a good way to avoid your teeth from getting exposed to the detrimental effects of these drinks. You can also chew sugar-free gum, or gum with xylitol to minimize any further damage.

So, if you want to retain your pearly whites and keep them healthy, avoid consuming these drinks in excess.