Bad breath generally depends on two factors: gastrointestinal health and hygiene. But the culprit in both cases is bacteria. In case your breath has become smelly thanks to cheese, garlic, or too much milky coffee, here are some foods to freshen your mouth.

Bad Breath 6 Food Dentist Recommend For Cure  LeSueur Family Dental

1.      Citrus Fruits

All vegetables and fruits loaded with Vitamin C, particularly citrus fruits, are powerful antioxidants. Another benefit they offer is that they fight bacteria that cause bad odor in the mouth. Crunchy vegetables and fruits, like carrots, bell peppers, and apples, can further help you fight bad breath as they help you get rid of food particles from the mouth.

2.      Unsweetened Tea

Black and Green tea are also good sources of antioxidants that help guard cells from damage caused by carcinogens. As mentioned above, these tea antioxidants also take care of bad breath bacteria in the mouth. But make sure you don’t add sugar or other sweeteners to your tea.

3.      Cinnamon Stick

The essential oil in cinnamon abolishes a nasty kind of oral bacteria and does not let it settle in your mouth. Many people would find it hard to munch on a cinnamon stick. In that case, chewing on a mint gum is also equally effective.

4.      Spinach

Leafy greens are great to munch on and are great for fighting bad breath. Including spinach, basil or parsley in your diet is a great way to get rid of substances that lead to sulfur odor, particularly if you eat smelly foods.

5.      Antioxidant Foods

Other foods that freshen up your breath are probiotic food sources, like plain yogurt. Fresh herbs and vegetables that are high in vitamin C content can also help you reduce the impact of sulfur odor.

6.      Water

Here’s another reason to increase your daily intake of water. In general, water functions as a cleanser and boosts saliva production. By frequently swishing water, you can rid the mouth of food that bacteria thrive on.

You should eat more of these foods if you are dealing with bad breath on a regular basis or try to get in touch with a good family dentist.