Many people have fears or concerns about going to see a Dentist. Here are a few:

Do I need teeth whitening? Teeth whitening uses a bleaching product or an abrasive to make teeth whiter. Teeth whitening is not a medical procedure, it is purely cosmetic. It can help you feel better about your appearance. Some stains are more easily gotten rid of, talk with your dentist about your particular type of stains.

What can you do about being scared of the dentist? Dental anxiety is being nervous or scared before or during your dental visit. It can cause your procedures take longer adding to your anxiety.

Do older adults have any special concerns? Some concerns could include dentures and trouble physically brushing teeth.

Concerns about specific dental procedures.

Will a routine visit hurt? If you go regularly and take good take of your teeth then there should not be any pain during your visit.

Will you need a dental X-ray? X-rays can identify cavities, bone disease, and infections and help in planning any orthodontic treatment you might need.

Will you need a filling? A filling is something that a dentist will use to replace a decayed or broken portion of your tooth. If you have taken care of your teeth you generally should have nothing to worry about.

Concerns for your child at the Dentist

This are just a few of the concerns you might have about the Dentist. Your dentist can answer any specific questions or concerns you might have. Feel free to contact us today!