Dental Implants Necessary

Tooth loss can be a cause for great concern among those who may feel self-conscious about speaking or smiling in public. Missing teeth can also lead to problems while eating and can hamper your overall oral health. While dentures and bridges have been around for decades, dental implants have proven to be a perfect and occasionally necessary solution for replacing your missing teeth

Dental implants are made up of biocompatible materials like titanium or ceramics that can fuse with the surrounding jawbone they are placed in. Dental implants replace not just the missing tooth but the root as well, a feature that sets it apart from all other types of tooth replacement options. Most oral health professionals now recommend dental implants as their top choice for giving you your smile back. However, opting for dental implants can be a difficult choice, especially with the time and money investment involved with the procedure. Here is some information about the benefits of dental implants that could help you make a more informed decision. 

Advantages of Dental Implants

Why You Should Choose Dental Implants?

Replacing missing teeth is essential since the consequences of not doing so can lead to more serious dental issues in the future. Loss of teeth will eventually lead to loss of bone in the region of the missing tooth, which can lead to distortion of the facial structure. The adjacent teeth also tend to tip into the empty space, causing problems with the bite and potential development of temporomandibular joint disorders. 


Missing teeth can be replaced by a number of options like dentures and bridges. However, not every patient prefers or is well-suited to these types of replacements. Such people benefit the most by getting a dental implant procedure. The anchorage of dental implants into the jawbone preserves the bone structure and prevents the movement of adjacent teeth, thereby protecting the overall contours of the face. 

An individual with healthy gum tissue, adequate bone support, and good overall general health is considered a good candidate for receiving dental implants. Even if you lack bone support in certain areas, a simple bone graft surgery can give you ideal structural strength that would provide excellent stability to the implant.  

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