‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is among the oldest clichés going around. People have been using it for centuries, but does it really apply? Well, apples are healthy and can help prevent a host of illnesses so the saying is probably true. But did you know that apples can also help you keep the dentist away? Yes, it may sound strange but eating fruit bits of which can get stuck in your teeth and eventually lead to a buildup of bacteria can help keep your dental health in good shape. While you can take care of the debris by flossing your teeth daily, let’s look at how apples can keep the dentist away.

Apple: The Perfect Snack

Your kids and you would be having a couple of snacks a day to keep the cravings at bay. Why not make them healthier for your body and your teeth and gums by making apple the main ingredients? Yes, don’t rely on cookies and other unhealthy and junk items to quench the hunger when you need something to get your sugar level from declining or indulging your sweet tooth. There is no dearth of healthy snacks you can make from apple and all of them are less harmful to your teeth than candies and other usual snacks.

This is particularly important for kids as they are more likely to satisfy their cravings with candy and chocolates, and other such items which can damage their teeth, leading to cavities. As a snack, you can give your kids a peanut butter and apple combo. Just remove the core of the apple and put in some peanut butter. It will be tasty and nutritious at the same time, and more importantly, the teeth will remain fine.

So, use apple as a snack to reduce the risk of dental issues, especially for your kids. However, visiting the dentist once or twice a year is important. It’s just that you shouldn’t have to be there every month or so with cavities and other dental issues.