A beaming, healthy smile is a sign of confidence and enormous self-esteem, which are pretty important things to have in our life. But where does family dentistry fall in this endeavor of a perfect grin? Pretty much everywhere, if you ask us.

There are several reasons why Le Sueur Family Dental focuses on family dentistry. And we’re here to tell you what those are. But first, let’s get into what a family dentist is, and why it’s important to have one near you.

What Is Family Dentistry?

We’ve all heard about general dentists. Family dentists are like general ones, but slightly different. Similar to their general counterparts, family dentists are trained professionals responsible for the overall health and hygiene of your oral cavity. However, while a general dentist caters to a specific age group, a family dentist focuses on all individuals, irrespective of their ages.

Akin to a family physician, a family dentist will take care of the kids in your family, all the way up to an elderly. And the services offered by a family dentist are no different than what you would find at any other dental office. At Le Sueur, we provide the following treatments –

What Are The Advantages Of Family Dentistry Anyway?

Great question. Allow us to elaborate.

Convenience and Ease Of Access:

When you have a family dentist, you save up on a lot of wasted time travelling from one dentist to another to cater to the needs of you and your family. Because a family dentist can take care of children, as well as adults, it is easier to show up to one place and have everybody taken care of. Moreover, you can opt for separate appointments on the same day, so you’re not practically living at your dentist’s office.

Keeping Up With Family Histories:

With one dentist, it is easier to monitor and look out for any future ailments or genetic predispositions that may be carried from parent to child. Since family dentists are constantly updated with medical or dental histories of patients and their families, they know what to keep an eye out for. This is particularly important when it comes to children who might need orthodontic intervention or diagnosing any genetic or hereditary conditions that might run in the family.

Importance To Children:

In the circle of family dentistry, there are certain things which carry a lot of weight, especially when it comes to children. The first and foremost thing is the alleviation of any anxiety attached to visiting a dentist. Watching adults deal with dentists make children relatively calmer, and more confident when it’s their turn. Second, familiarity plays a huge role in an incident-free procedure. If the child knows the dentist, they’re more than likely to accept treatment. Third, witnessing everybody go the same dentist inculcates a sense of responsibility when it comes to taking care of their teeth. And finally, the child can grow into an adult and continue visiting the same dentist, making it a more reliable option.

Preventive Care and Versatile Treatment Options:

As we mentioned earlier, a dentist plays a pretty important role in preventive care, and intervention treatments. If you’re regular with your visits, your dentist can assess your oral health and monitor changes, if any. Plus, with a family dentist, you have the comfort of getting a variety of elective and emergency procedures in one place. In the end, you’re not only saving up on time, but also on any added stress involved with visiting different specialists. And at Le Sueur, we’re more than happy to provide state-of-the-art therapies to keep your mouth and teeth feeling, and looking their best.

Substantiating Good Oral Health:

Family dentistry plays a pretty important role when it comes to establishing good dental habits in a family. While adults understand the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and regular dental visits, children are a little hard to explain to. So when they witness a family dentist explaining how to take care of teeth not only to them but also to adults, they tend to take note. Family dentists might be great with adults, but they’re expertly adept at dealing with children. And the tiny humans are more likely to follow instructions when it comes from somebody they like.

At Le Sueur Family Dental, Dr David Tycast and the skilled team take extra care to keep you and your family comfortable, satisfied, and happy with your pearly whites. We also have our own Family Dental Plan, so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones without having to worry too much about expenses.

If you are around Le Sueur, Belle Plaine, New Prague, Montgomery, St. Peter, Arlington or Gaylord, get in touch with us today. And we hope to see you and your crew soon.