Chewing on ice

It’s natural and sugar-free, so you might think ice is harmless. But munching on hard, frozen cubes can chip or even crack your teeth. And your chomping can also irate the soft tissue inside a tooth, causing toothaches. Hot foods and cold foods may trigger quick, sharp jabs of pain or a lingering toothache. Try chewing sugarless gum instead.

Playing sports with no mouth guard

Whether you play football, hockey or any other contact sport, don’t get in the game without a mouth guard. It is a piece of molded plastic that protects the upper row of teeth. Without it, your teeth could get chipped or even knocked out. Self-fitting mouth guards can easily be purchased from your dentist or a local store.

Bedtime bottles

It is never too early to protect teeth. Giving a baby a bedtime bottle of juice, milk or formula can cause their teeth to decay. Also, the baby can become used to falling asleep with a bottle, causing problems if you try to stop.

Tongue Piercings

They can be trendy, but biting down on the metal stud can pose a huge risk to your teeth. Lip piercing also poses a similar threat. There are a lot of bacteria in your mouth so this can give you the increased risk of infections. If you still are considering a piercing discuss the health risks with your dentist first.

Grinding Teeth

Teeth grinding, or bruxism can wear teeth down over time. It is most often caused by stress and sleeping habits. This makes it hard to control. Wearing a mouth guard at night can prevent damage caused by grinding while sleeping.